Tender Notice


 1.1     The ministry of lands and physical planning invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the following tenders:


S/No IFMIS tender no. Item Description  Amount of Bid Security  

Close Date



1 752111-2019/2020 Proposed replacement of five (5) no. lifts at Ardhi House  550,000.00 5/11/2019-10.00 am Open tender
2 752126-2019/2020 Consultancy services to upgrade land management information system  350,000.00 5/11/2019-10.00 am Open tender

 1.2   Interested eligible candidates may obtain a complete set of tender documents at the Ministry of Land and physical planning website: www.ardhi.go.ke and also at the IFMIS tender portal: supplier.treasury.go.ke and search using the unique IFMIS Tender Number or www.tenders.go.ke provided against each of the tenders above. Bidders are advised to download and print the attached document for respective tenders of interest to enable them access all the pages of the tender documents.

1.3       Prices quoted should be net inclusive of all taxes, must be in Kenya shillings and shall remain valid for (120) days from the closing date of tender.

1.4       Tenderers are requested to submit a tender security as indicated above and submit original to the Head, Supply Chain Management office at 12th floor Ardhi House, Nairobi room 1213 on or before the close date and time of the tenders.

1.5       Completed tenders MUST be submitted through the IFMIS SUPPLIER PORTAL: www.supplier.treasury.go.ke as per the requirements contained in the bid document.

NOTE: Bidders who may experience challenges in accessing and uploading their tenders in the IFMIS tender Portal should contact the IFMIS Department in the National Treasury or contact Supply Chain Management Office on 10th Floor Ardhi House for assistance.

Principal Secretary

Ministry of Land and physical planning

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