Temporary clousure of Nairobi and Central Registries(at Ardhi House) for preparation of on-line services

The Ministry of Lands is entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating efficient land administration and management, whose key objectives are:

  1. To formulate and coordinate implementation of policies and legal framework for sustainable land management,
  2. To ensure efficient and effective administration and management of land resources;

To realize these objectives the Ministry has completed the re-engineering of business processes through an online System dubbed LIMS (Lands Information Management System) with a view of reducing the turn-around time on Service delivery.

To achieve a fully digitized environment, the Ministry requires to ensure that all the records are scanned and that the data is clean in preparation for online services. This exercise will begin in Nairobi and will be cascaded to all other Registries across the country.

Both Nairobi and Central Registries including Records Registry and the Banking Hall will therefore be closed to the Public for 10 working days from Monday 19th March 2018 to Friday 30th March 2018. Normal Business shall resume on Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

During this period, all services offered at these registries will NOT be available at Ardhi House-Nairobi. However, all other Registries will remain open.

Upon resumption of Services on 3rd April 2018, there will be no more manual processing of documents.

The following Services will be available online through www.ecitizen.go.ke the Government Service Portal.

  1. Transfer of Ownership (transfer of Lease and transfer of Land)
  2. Issuance of Consent (for transfer, charge, further charge)
  3. Valuation requests – this will be created automatically upon application for transfer of ownership
  4. Payment and Issuance of Land Rent Clearance Certificate
  5. All payments (Payment of Stamp Duty, Registration Fees, Consent Fees)
  6. Application and withdrawal of Caution/Caveats/Restrictions
  7. Registration of Land Documents
  8. Searches (Nairobi and Central Registries)

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you,

Dr. Nicholas Muraguri

Principal Secretary

18th March 2018

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