Public Service Roundtable forum

Nairobi, Friday 13th July, 2018… Lands and Physical Planning CS, Ms. Farida Karoney has assured the Public Service Commission (PSC) that staff in her ministry will adhere to the guidelines and policies outlined by the Commission.

Ms. Karoney spoke during a Public Service Roundtable forum between the Ministry and commissioners from PSC at Ardhi house on Friday.

The forum is part of the ongoing roundtable discussion forums in which the Commission is equipping public servants in Ministries and State Departments with a better understanding of government structure and operations, public service policies, regulations, as well as values and principles that underpin an efficient and effective public service.

“This forum will accord Heads of Departments and senior staff in my ministry with a better understanding, knowledge and competence in managing public affairs.” Said the lands CS.

Ms. Karoney praised staff in her Ministry for striving hard to deliver quality services to its customers despite encountering many challenges.

PSC Commissioner, Dr. Judith Bwonya represented the acting Chair, Amb. Peter Ole Nkuraiya during the discussions.

Dr. Bwonya said that the ongoing forums will create awareness on recruiting staff and have a better understanding on public governance.

She said that sensitization must start from the top and cascade downwards.

“Heads of Departments are responsible in executing projects and are at the core of realization of these key projects.” Said Dr. Bwonya.

She said Head of Departments have a diverse back ground of respective organizations hence they need to be sensitized on Human Resource management. “This will enhance core relations in the ministry.” Said the Commissioner.

“The objective the these meetings across all Ministries and State Departments is to create forums to share knowledge on delegation of powers, good governance, emerging issues as well as share experiences, challenges and chat a way forward.” Said Dr. Bwonya.

She said that the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 envisages a transformative Public Service that is efficient and effective in delivering services to the people.

“An efficient and effective public service can only be achieved through developing the requisite knowledge, skills, competencies and the right leadership based on the National Values and Principles of Governance, and Values and Principles of Public Service as enshrined in the Constitution.” Said Dr. Bwonya.

She outlined the objectives of the roundtable forums as follows:

  • Provide a forum to share knowledge and practices necessary for managing HR function under the delegated powers;
  • Promote a culture of accountability and good governance in the performance of Human Resource function;
  • Appraise participants on the provisions of the PSC Act 2017, PSC Regulations 2017, and revised HR policies;
  • Discuss emerging issues on the accountability, responsibility and functional roles of respective public servants and expectations of the Commission; and
  • Share experiences and challenges encountered in the implementation of Commission’s decisions and chart the way forward.

Speaking during the forum, both the Lands CAS, Hon. Gideon Mung’aro and Lands PS, Dr. Nicholas Muraguri praised the PSC for striving to realize the Government agenda for the citizens’ through various legal and policy instruments.


Joseph K. Mwangi                                                                                           Head/Public Communications Unit         

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