Lands Ministry to roll out a new Land Information Management System (LIMS)

Nairobi, Thursday 29TH MARCH 2018 …Lands Ministry to roll out a new Land Information Management System (LIMS)…The Ministry of Lands will on Tuesday (3rd April 2018) roll out the highly anticipated Land Information Management Systems. (LIMS)

Core Lands Ministry staff together with members of key stakeholders have already been trained and sensitized on how the new system operates.

The Ministry in conjunction with the Government Digital Payment (GDP) this week carried out a sensitization exercise for members of both the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and the Kenya Bankers Association. (KBA)

Both organizations are key stakeholders in the land sector and will be enabled to have access to the new Land Information Management System.

The Ministry had for two weeks closed both the Nairobi and Central registries at Ardhi House to enable the clean-up of land records and validation of Data.

The Coordinator of GDP Mr. Nick Wambugu says that the system will improve response time, service provision and to eliminate fraud.

Mr. Wambugu says that LIMS would benefit public programs such as land planning, infrastructure development and maintenance, environmental protection and resource management, emergency services and social service programs.

He said that the system provides a base for land markets, development, and other economic activity.

The following services are expected to go online:

  • Transfer of Ownership (transfer of Lease and transfer of Land)
  • Issuance of Consent (for transfer, charge, further charge), this request will be created automatically upon application for transfer of ownership
  • Valuation requests – this will be created automatically upon application for transfer of ownership
  • Payment and Issuance of Land Rent Clearance Certificate.
  • All payments (Payment of Stamp Duty, Registration Fees, Consent Fees)
  • Application and withdrawal of Caution/Caveats/Restrictions
  • Registration of Land Documents
  • Searches (Nairobi and Central Registries)

All Property Owners within Nairobi with Titles under the Registered Land Act (Repealed) and Registration of Titles Act (Repealed) who wish to make transactions on their Land are required to access their Land details online and initiate transactions.

First, they have to confirm that their Land is listed in their profile under the ‘Manage Property’ menu by logging into LIMS via the eCitizen portal, if it is not, then they need to validate it.

Customers are required to click on ‘Make Application’, ‘Verify your Title’ and then ‘Authenticate your Title’ by uploading a copy of it and any other additional documents that they may have.

Once their Land details are approved at the Registry, a link to their Land will be done and they will be able to access it under ‘Manage Property’ and make an application against it.

The Ministry is calling on citizens to process their transactions online to ensure they get quality services.

Joseph K. Mwangi                                                                           Head/Public Communications Unit

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