• Request; The NLC receives a request for acquisition from the acquiring body through the respective Cabinet Secretary or County Executive member. The land should be acquired for public purposes or in public interest. .
• Verification meeting; Before gazettement, the NLC will request for a verification meeting with the acquiring body (the body that wants the land). In this meeting, the NLC will require the acquiring body to provide a list of the affected parcels of land and the respective owners, title search details, cadastral maps of the affected areas, a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) accompanied by a list of persons affected by the project (PAPs) so that their application can be put into consideration.
• Notice of intention to inquire land is published in the gazette after the Commission certifies in writing that the land is required for public purposes or in public interest for a stated public purpose. Upon verification, the NLC shall publish notice of intent and shall deliver a copy of the notice to the registrar and to every person who appears to have an interest in the land.
• Ascertainment of suitability of land; Permission for entry of officers to carry out activities ascertaining whether the land is suitable for the intended purpose. All land to be compulsorily acquired shall be geo-referenced and authenticated by the authority responsible for survey both at the national and county government.