• Award of compensation; upon conclusion of the inquiry, the NLC shall make a separate award of compensation for every person whom the NLC has determined to be interested in the land. The NLC shall then serve on each person a notice of the award and offer of compensation.
• Land in place of compensation; the NLC may agree with the person who owned that land that instead of receiving an award, the person shall receive a grant of land instead not exceeding in value the amount of compensation which the NLC considers would have been awarded. Upon the conclusion of such agreement that person shall be deemed to have received all the compensation entitled to him/ her in respect of the interest in that land.
• Payment of compensation; upon acceptance of the award, the NLC shall promptly pay compensation to the interested persons. If the award is not accepted, or if there is a dispute about who is entitled to compensation, the amount of compensation, is paid into a special compensation account held by the NLC.
• Payment of interest; if the amount of any compensation is not paid, the NLC shall on or before taking possession open an account into which the NLC shall pay interest on the amount awarded at the prevailing bank rates from the time of taking the possession until the time of payment.
• Payment of additional land; if the acquired land is greater than the area of land in respect of which an award is made, compensation shall be paid for the excess area.