National Land Commission (NLC) will require the following preliminary information and documents to be provided by an acquiring body upon request before the land acquisition or easement can be procured.
1. Prior approval from their respective Cabinet Secretary before the NLC commences the acquisition process.
2. Cadastral drawings showing how the infrastructure cuts out each land parcel, the parcel list table detailing land parcel numbers, total area of land parcels and acreage affected by the infrastructure for each parcel. These drawings shall be submitted to the NLC for scrutiny and records.
3. A listing for parcel numbers indicating the plot reference number, registered owner and affected acreage column in acres. This should be submitted in both soft and hard copy.
4. Official searches of affected land parcels. The NLC shall assist where necessary.
5. The Environmental Impact Assessment report (EIA) and appropriate approvals/certification for the project.
6. The Relocation Action Plan (RAP) report.
7. Acknowledgement on availability of funds to allow prompt compensation as provided in the constitution. The NLC will request entities to remit compensation money into the land compensation fund to be administered by the NLC.
8. All participants will have to take the Land Acquisition Committee and sub-committee members on a site tour for general appreciation of the project in respective locations that will be affected. This will enable informed decision making.
9. A final survey for vesting of the acquired land to the National or County Government will have to be done by the acquiring authority .The NLC can assist in this exercise at costs borne by the acquiring body.
Succession & Will
Inheritance or succession may be defined as the “the transfer of title to property under the law of descent and distribution” (Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition). Succession would exclude those who take by deed, grant or any form of purchase contract.