Department of Survey

Department of Survey

This department implements the Government’s policy of sustainable exploitation of land and its natural resources. It is composed of five divisions namely;

  • Geodetic and Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Mapping
  • Administration
  • Cadastral
  • Land Adjudication
  • Hydrographic

The functions of the department include;

  • Establishing and maintaining a national geodetic control network that covers the whole country to facilitate other surveys and research.
  • To produce and maintain plans of property boundaries in support of land registration and to ensure guarantee and security of land tenure.
  • To produce and continuously update national topographical basic maps for the whole country at various scales for development planning and for production of other maps.Other functions are;
  • To inspect and maintain national and international boundaries.
  • To prepare and publish the National Atlas of Kenya, as a documentation of National Heritage and promotion of Nation’s identity.

It is also tasked with carrying out hydrographic surveys for safe navigation, exploration and exploitation of natural resources of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, calibrating and maintaining survey equipment in order to ensure correct measurements, providing quality control and assurance of geographical data produced by other organizations and establishing and maintaining National Spatial Data Infrastructure (N.S.D.I). These functions are carried out within the provisions of the Survey Act (Cap 299) of the Laws of Kenya.

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