Department of Land Adjudication Settlement

Department of Land Adjudication Settlement

The department has two divisions namely;

  • Land Adjudication
  • Settlement

Settlement division is responsible for the acquisition, planning, demarcation, survey and allocation of economically viable agricultural settlement land to landless, poor and unemployed Kenyans on loan basis

Adjudication division is responsible for ascertaining rights and interests on land in trust land areas and transformation of ownership from customary tenure to individual/group ownership through demarcation, survey and registration.

Others activities undertaken by the department include:

  • Management of group ranches
  • Arbitration of land disputes
  • Purchase of land for settlement of landless Kenyans
  • Survey and demarcation of settlement scheme plots
  • Incorporation of group representatives through Group Representatives Act
  • Hearing and determination of land disputes in adjudication sections
  • Issuance of letters of offer and legal documents and collection of land loans
    issuance of discharges and transfer documents